Elizabeth is a pan-compassionist freethinker retired from chaplaincy in nursing homes and hospice;  attending the church in which she grew up in the Bible Belt.  Join the conversation!


So what is a pan-compassionist freethinker?!!

It’s what I seem to be at the moment (7/15/17), and it’s been holding for a few months….   It’s a miracle!  No telling where I’ll end up, but it’s a good feeling to be able to maybe put a foot down somewhere —  for the time being!

Pan-compassionist:  means I would like to be compassionate toward everything.   Tall order, guaranteeing falling short, but good to have an aim!!!

Freethinker:  means I stay open to revising my views.   My allegiances are to compassion and to fact.   I respect the traditions I come out of —  Christianity, social democracy, etc —  and I evaluate them by compassion and fact.

This blog is for thinking about what this means in my life and thinking, and for collecting and celebrating my heroes and heroines.    It’s for conversation, if anyone wants to converse  :  )  !!!   Enjoy!!



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