Have been in a fresh round of wondering whether I really should demit —  especially after talking with our young pastor about the kind of Christian theology I have —  & don’t have.   In past years I haven’t wanted to be frank because I didn’t want to be part of any undermining of his own theology, but after a memorial service for a member’s mother, I felt somehow compelled to talk, in case he should ever be asked to preside at services for me.   He was of course his customary open, accepting, thoughtful self; said “any time!” for talking….   But as days passed, I started wondering whether he might think, rightly, that I really ought to demit.

I’m settling in thinking that it would not be necessary in good conscience —  that the denomination includes many clergy and professors who think as I do —  and that even though this mostly conservative congregation did not call me —  got stuck with me by chance when we moved back so Mom could look after us  :  )  —  I can be a horrible example for them of the liberalism in the denomination   :  )

As such, I can figure out how to pray that comes as close as I can to the way they’re accustomed.  I can address, “God of love” —  thinking how for many Process theologians, “God” seems to be a symbol for the good, the beautiful, and the true, or the energy of the good, the beautiful, the true  —  and the Johannine epistles say flat out a couple times —  God is love.

For petitions —  I can think how I do think that it may be possible for thoughts to somehow have an effect —  not by changing or influencing the mind of a discrete Being, but by setting molecules in motion, setting up “waves” in the entanglement of energy, whatever.

For blessing —  I can think how that means all good things —  not necessarily bestowed by a beneficent Being (which would be fine!), but just entreating the Universe on behalf of these people or things.


And I am saying what I absolutely do hope and believe.   I’ve been thinking too how different, even in this congregation, are the mental pictures of “God” each of us may have.   Mine just may be one of the more different  :  )

We’ll see how this goes  :  )

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