So what is a pan-compassionist freethinker?!!

It’s what I seem to be at the moment, and it’s been holding for a few months….   It’s a miracle!  No telling where I’ll end up, but it’s a good feeling to be able to maybe put a foot down somewhere —  for the time being!

Pan-compassionist:  means I would like to be compassionate toward everything.   Tall order, guaranteeing falling short, but good to have an aim!!!

Freethinker:  means I stay open to revising my views.   My allegiances are to compassion and to fact, insofar as we can know them.   I respect the traditions I come out of —  Christianity, social democracy, etc —  and I evaluate them by compassion and fact, to the best of my understanding.

This blog is for thinking about what this means in my life & thinking (besides making me — and probably everybody! — a category of one!), and for collecting and celebrating my heroes and heroines (continually added to here),  It’s for conversation, if anyone wants to converse  :  )  !!!   Enjoy!!

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